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About She's A Pistol®, LLC

"She's A Pistol®" is an attitude. It projects a certain flair; a self-confident nature; some would say ornery. It means "mind yourself around this one, she can stand up for herself."

At She's A Pistol®, LLC, we provide the tools and training to gain that confidence. Self-defense is partially not being a victim. When you are confident in your abilities to defend yourself, that confidence shows. You become what you want to be: in control and in charge.

She's A Pistol® LLC is a woman-owned personal protection and self-defense training, services, and supplies company based in Shawnee, KS.

We are not a "guy's gun shop" nor are we specifically a "girl's gun shop." We specialize in providing a comfortable environment to learn self-defense techniques for men and women. We recognize that everybody starts somewhere, so there are no egos or better-than-you attitudes. Our staff are hired for their friendly and helpful personalities so you will receive the best service and attention to your needs.

When you are ready to learn to protect yourself and those you care about, She's A Pistol, LLC is here to help!

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